Having issues with your arabic homework? Let me take a whack at it.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the arabic language. (culture, translation, etymology, grammar, morphology)


2 Responses to “arabic questions”

  1. abu bessam Says:

    السلام علبكم
    about your translation of “اهلا و سهلا”

    this is an expression that has omitted verbs and is called “مفعول مطلق”

    the original phrase is جئت اهلا و نزلت سهلا
    it was said because arabs being nomads traveled often meaning that when they arrived at a new village which was usually at the bottom of a valley (where water was or a leveled ground aka سهلwould be in need of a place to stay as well as food and drink. As people “out in the boon-docks” know, guests don’t come often so arabs developed a custom of hospitality which they pride themselves to this day( although we know it no longer exists) so for the new kid in school it would be awkward to enter the village so the arabs said to him
    اهلا وسهلا

  2. sodz Says:

    please can you translate the asmaee poem (‘voice of a nightingale’ قصىده اصمعي صوت صفىر البلبل)

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